Unit Testing PL/SQL Code

Presentations from the New York Metro User Group Day are available. This was a well attended event. The keynote speech was an overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware. I found it to be informative from a high-level point of view.

Steven Feuerstein presented “Six Steps to Unit Testing Happiness“. Among other steps, test cases are developed prior to writing any code in the program unit. Also referred to as “test-driven development” or TDD. The six steps are listed below as shown in Steven’s presentation.

  1. Describe fully the required functionality of the program.
  2. Elaborate the test cases for the program.
  3. Define the header of the program (name, parameter list, return value).
  4. Build test code that implements all test cases.
  5. Write the program unit.
  6. Test, debug, fix, test, debug, fix, test, debug….

Available tools for unit testing PL/SQL code are utPLSQL and Quest Code Tester for Oracle which is in Beta and available for download to try.


One Response to Unit Testing PL/SQL Code

  1. serpy says:

    Code testing is it!
    Six weeks ago I also met Steven. Before I didn’t test my code this way. Now I do! Actually everybody should do it this way…

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