Oracle10g – Bug 5458753

I read a post on the Oracle-L yesterday regarding Bug 5458753 where “SQL can execute in wrong Schema”. According to Metalink Note 392673.1, there is a patch currently available for it and the problem should be fixed in

Might not be an issue in most Production environments, but in a shared development environment like ours where developers are using the same object names in different schemas, it could be quite a problem. Imagine issuing a query and getting unexpected results. I mean sometimes you expect the unexpected when developing, but not to this extreme.

Update (23-Oct-2006)
I applied patch 5458753 on Friday (20-Oct-2006) and it appears to have resolved the problem in my installation on Solaris 9 (64-bit).

Update (17-Oct-2006)
I actually reviewed Metalink Note 391116.1. The way I understand it, the problem is expected to be fixed when is released. Guess we’ll have to wait and see for sure.

Update (13-Oct-2006)
An entry on the Pythian Group Blog mentions Bug 5458753 is not in the list of bugs fixed in according to Metalink Note 391116.1.


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