Oracle on Solaris

I installed the Oracle patch on a Solaris 9 64-bit server. Fortunately before I installed the patch I reviewed “Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2) Support Status and Alerts” on Metalink. For isssues specific to the patch read Metalink Note 388281.1. There are known issues (Bug 4547809) on Solaris 64-bit, as well as other OS platforms.

The primary issue with my platform is outlined in Metalink Note 390993.1 regarding a missing owapatch.sql file. The note outlines a workaround which is to download and copy the owapatch.sql file into $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin prior to running catpatch.sql.

Other issues include Bug 5606601, Bug 5503340, and Bug 4087018.  All appear to have a solution or workaround.

Update (17-Oct-2006)
It appears the patch already contains the security patches in CPUJul2006 and CPUOct2006.

Update (05-Dec-2006)
It appears Oracle updated the CPUOct2006 advisory on October 31 and there are vulnerabilities in the patch. You can find the details at the Integrigy Oracle Security Blog.


2 Responses to Oracle on Solaris

  1. Ravi says:


    Can you please tell me, where do i get the Oracle v for Server software for Solaris Operating System.

  2. mrothouse says:

    Hi Ravi,
    You can obtain the software from Oracle eDelivery ( To obtain the patch, you need have a “My Oracle Support” account ( Hope this helps.


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