Oracle10g – Additional Listener Process Spawned

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am running Oracle10g ( on Solaris 9 SPARC 64-bit. Intermittently, an additional listener process is created by Oracle causing the LISTENER to refuse connections to the database.

I submitted a Service Request to Oracle Support and they pointed me to Note 284602.1 with two solutions described below. I chose solution #2. Let’s see if that alone resolves the problem.

1) Rename the Oracle10g ons.config file so the listener does not find or use it.

cd $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf
mv ons.config ons.config.orig

(then restart the listener)

2) Explicitly disable the 10g TNS Listener from subscribing to the ONS.

Edit the active 10g listener.ora file and add the parameter below:


where <listener_name> would be replaced with the actual listener name configured in the listener.ora file.

For example, if the listener name is LISTENER (default), the parameter would be:


(then restart the listener)

Also found some information on the Oracle-L from June 2006 regarding the same topic. In the thread, Rob Pegram notes they implemented solution #1 and the problem re-occurred again two months later. They were then instructed to implement both solutions.

Update (23-May-2007)
Doug Burns discusses his encounter and mentions a patch to fix this problem in his blog.  He adds additional information in Part 2.


Oracle10g – Automatic SGA Sizing

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jonathan Lewis discusses his experience with automatic SGA sizing. I have an Oracle10g database that utilizes automatic SGA sizing. I have not experienced any problems to date, however this installation used by a development team is small and surely doesn’t see a high amount of activity other systems might.

Jonathan also provides a script he “hacked together” to query the v$sga_resize_ops view displaying the history on how the SGA components have been re-sized since the last instance startup.

Update (2-May-2007)
Jonathan Lewis recently provided some updated updated information on this subject on his blog – SGA Resizing.

Oracle CPUOct2006 Update

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Found this information yesterday from the Integrigy Oracle Security Blog about vulnerabilities Oracle announced in version

When CPUOct2006 was originally released, there were no vulnerabilities listed for Oracle appears to have updated the advisory around the end of October, however I can’t seem to find a formal announcement from Oracle of this change. As mentioned by Integrigy and Metalink Note 391563.1, the CPU for is not available until December 15, 2006.

Updated my blog posts for Solaris and HP-UX to add a link to the recently discovered information.