Uninstalling Oracle software

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It has been many years since I had the need to uninstall Oracle software from a Unix server.  In this case it was Oracle10g for Solaris (SPARC 64-bit).  Thought maybe I could use the OUI found on the DVD.  So wrong.

The problem with using the OUI version from the DVD is OUI will not allow you to remove any components.  The “Remove” button is unavailable even after you select a component to uninstall.

You cannot deinstall at this time.   For more information, click “Help”.

Using the “Help” button gives an explanation on why it’s not available, but no solution really.

Although OUI can list all products previously installed with another installer (orainst), it cannot deinstall them.

The proper way to uninstall is found in the Oracle® Database Installation Guide 10g Release 2 (10.2) for Solaris Operating System (SPARC 64-Bit).  Use the OUI found in:


Uninstalling is a simple thing to do, however I forgot how to uninstall after not performing this action for many years. As they say, RTFM.

SQL Server 2005 Webcasts and Other Info

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I recently discovered this information, although this may not be new to others who follow SQL Server more closely.  Although I don’t administrate SQL Server as much these days, I try to keep up with what’s happening.

SQL Server 2005 Webcasts are available for viewing here.  The Webcasts provide content of the features and enhancements built into SQL Server 2005.

Found a site called SQL Hunter from an article in the May 2007 edition of SQL Server Magazine.  The site provides a SQL-specific search engine which appears to include SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle topics from web sites, forums, and blogs.