SQL Server 2000 Support Lifecycle

A question arose in a Staff Meeting asking when SQL Server 2000 was expected to be de-supported.  Found this information from Microsoft regarding SQL Server 2000 Support Lifecycle.

Mainstream Support on SQL Server 2000 editions (excluding CE) will end April 8. 2008.  Extended Support expires April 9, 2013.

Below is an excerpt from the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ summarizing the difference between Mainstream and Extended support.

3. What is the difference between mainstream support, extended support, and online self-help support?

Support provided

Mainstream support phase

Extended support phase

Paid support (per-incident, per hour, and others)



Security update support



Non-security hotfix support


Requires extended hotfix agreement, purchased within 90 days of mainstream support ending.

No-charge incident support



Warranty claims



Design changes and feature requests



Product-specific information that is available by using the online Microsoft Knowledge Base



Product-specific information that is available by using the Support site at Microsoft Help and Support to find answers to technical questions



Note A hotfix is a modification to the commercially available Microsoft product software code to address specific critical problems.


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