What’s the purpose of blogging?

When I first started blogging back in September 2006, my wife was inquisitive and asked that exact question. My original intention was to learn about blogging and basically keep an digital notebook on RDBMS topics. I found that writing about problems I have encountered and solved, sometimes helps others which is rewarding in the sense I feel I’m giving back to the community. Some topics I write about receive informative comments or perspectives from others.

Since my blog expresses mostly “IT technical” topics, I believed someday it could possibly provide value should I ever require employment with another company. Kind of give the prospective employer additional detail on what I’ve done. At a minimum, hopefully show that I have some “written communication skills”.

Then Sunday morning, I see Chris Muir’s blog entry regarding technical blog “uses beyond documenting technical tips.” He was referring to Adam Darowski’s “The Blog is the New Resume“. Adam also provides a summary to his original post in “Roundup of “The Blog is the New Resume” Discussion“. There is additional input from Joshua Porter. The entire discussion offers some interesting perspectives.

Update (30-May-2008)
Read about “Blogging Safely” and “Blogging Safely Part II” from the ORACLENERD blog.

Update (06-Jul-2007)
Read about some ideas on how to enhance your blog from Fiona Brown’s “Blogging Tips for Oracle Bloggers“. And additional thoughts from Steven Chan’s “On Courtesy Amongst Bloggers“.


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