Bug 5155885 – cursor_sharing=similar

Running Oracle on Solaris 9. Encountered Bug 5155885 where my database parameter cursor_sharing = similar. Found the errors below in my alert log file:

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kkslgbv0], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

A quick check on Metalink using “ora-600 kkslgbv0” as my search criteria and I find the answers in Metalink Notes 263158.1 and 382567.1. It is mentioned as a bug specific to Oracle 64-bit in Note 382567.1.

Resolution is:

1) Set cursor_sharing to exact
2) Download and apply Patch 5155885 from Metalink.

For now, I settled on Option #1.

I can’t find any reference to Bug 5155885 being fixed in the Patch Set (Metalink Note 401435.1).

According to Metalink Note 401436.1, the bug fix is included in the Patch Set. Availability of the Patch Set is expected in Q4 2007 according to recent information from Oracle Apps Technology blog and Laurent Schneider’s blog.

Update (27-Nov-2007)
It appears the patch set has been pushed into 2008. More information in Laurent Schneider’s blog post.

2 Responses to Bug 5155885 – cursor_sharing=similar

  1. link on 263158.1 is broken, it points to http://https://metalink.oracle.com/

  2. mrothouse says:

    Thanks Laurent. One too many http. The link has now been fixed.


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