Oracle 10g dbstart errors

After correcting my dbhome not found problem, I now encounter a “VER10LIST=10 is not an identifier” error when executing the dbstart script. Found Metalink Note 466241.1 explaining the necessary modification to the $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbstart script.

At or near line 87, you need to modify the code from this:


to this:

export VER10LIST

The script is executing using the Bourne shell and the syntax for setting an environment variable is:

export variable

After fixing the above problem, the next error encountered is “`COUNT=$’ unexpected” at or near line 259. This error is also resolved with a modification listed in Metalink Note 466241.1.

From this:


to this:

COUNT=`expr $COUNT + 1`


2 Responses to Oracle 10g dbstart errors

  1. Atul says:

    Thank you so much for the response ,it really saved me…:-)

  2. Pascal says:

    Found an entry in metalink saying to replace /bin/sh by /bin/bash at the top of the script. That should solve all problems.

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