kcrrwkx: nothing to do

Running Oracle Standard Edition on Solaris 9. Encountered a trace file in my background_dump_dest location regarding the archiver process. Upon opening the trace file, I found many entries of the error shown below:

*** 2008-01-02 14:21:49.970
kcrrwkx: nothing to do (end)

A quick search on Metalink using “kcrrwkx nothing to do” as the criteria, I find Metalink Note 372364.1. This is labeled as Bug 4883174 with two possible solutions.

1.This message has zero impact, and can be ignored. Except that the trace files will be consuming disk space, which can be manually removed or running a cron job to clean up.

2. The one-off patch (4883174) for fixing this issue is also available for some platforms.

It is also mentioned the problem is fixed in 11g and possibly in Searching the Patch Set – List of Bug Fixes indicates the problem is fixed in that Oracle version. I have two other databases running and have confirmed the archiver errors do not exist there.

In the end I chose solution #1 as this server will be replaced with new hardware running Solaris 10 and Oracle Maybe if Oracle releases that version soon.


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