SQL*Plus Permission Denied

After installing Oracle 11g Client on RHEL 5.4, I encountered a “permission denied” error while attempting to invoke SQL*Plus.  This occurred on two separate installations one 11gR1 and the other 11gR2.

First, the 11gR1 installation with the following symptoms:

Non-oracle user is trying to login to database via SQL*Plus, but attempts to access sqlplus result in a permission denied error.  Execution of sqlplus as oracle user works fine.

This is explained in Oracle Support Doc ID 1223449.1.

There is a lack of ‘read “r”‘ and ‘execute “x”‘ permissions on an upper directory which was not allowing access to sqlplus file.

Without execute permission on a directory, a user cannot access files in that directory even if they own them and have all permissions on them.

Add “r-x” permissions to “others” on upper directory (ex. /u01/app).

Following the recommendation above, I executed the commands below to successfully remediate the problem.

% cd /u01/app
% chmod 755 oracle

For the 11gR2 installation, I changed the permission as suggested, however the error below arises:

sqlplus: error while loading shared libraries: libsqlplus.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

An explanation is provided in Oracle Support Doc ID 1206898.1.

The environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH was not set to include the 11g Client directory or the environment variable was set incorrectly.

Set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the 11g Client directory.

Following the instructions mentioned above resolved my problems and all is functioning well.

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    Very interesting

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