iPod Classic Adventures

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Every couple of months, my daughter comes home with some new challenge for me to resolve with her iPod Classic.  I thought resetting the iPod would solve just about anything she could possibly do to inhibit the normal function of the device.  That is until she decided to set a passcode and promptly forgot what she set it to.  I quickly discovered there is no relying on the old “Reset” method.

Fortunately, a quick search of “ipod classic forgot passcode” on Google yields a YouTube video to solve the problem. The instructions are simple to follow and gave me a little insight on how Apple went about locking the device.

This post is a little out of the norm from my prior postings, but  I am sure I will reference this again in due time.  I am thankful for Google, YouTube, and the person responsible for posting “Unlocking Ipod Classic (Without Having to Restore To Factory Settings)”.